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Caillou Caillou Discovers on Alabama Public Television

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Caillou Discovers

Caillou discovers new things today and is so excited when Daddy brings home a computer. He learns to share the computer with his entire family - even Gilbert! Caillou and Leo are playing dinosaurs in the backyard and discover a fish fossil rock. They visit the library to learn more about dinosaurs and fossils. Also, Caillou takes his first flight and he’s curious about everything. Then, Grandpa discovers a new planetarium is opening and there's a prize for the best space costume. Caillou is thrilled when the winner turns out to be...a surprise! EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVE: Children will learn about the many, many new experiences in store for them in every aspect of their life: at home a new computer with a drawing program is fun to play with; so is the box it came in. A fish fossil might be found in their own backyard. A morning in mummy’s office introduces the revolving door and the elevator. A family vacation in an airplane is exciting. Not only is there take-off and landing, but breakfast

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