This episode of GED Connection is about drama. Plays, film and televis ion are all forms of drama. In drama, stories are told through actions and spoken word called dialogue, and all drama starts with a written script. On the GED Language Arts Reading Test you'll be asked to read and answer questions about a passage from a script. This program explo res the unique format of scripts and what to look for when you read th em. The majority of the program takes a look at a GED playwright class where the students are reading and writing scripts. The various forma ts of the script such as dialogue, stage directions, cast of character s, and description of setting are all discussed. We also take a look a t a group of actors as they perform a scene from George Bernard Shaw's play Heartbreak Hotel." It is important to know about the elements o f drama for the GED test, questions may be about the setting, the plot , and the characters. Questions on the test may also be about deeper m eanings such

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