This program takes a look at the kinds of nonfiction that will appear on the GED Language Arts Reading Test. Nonfiction is based on facts. R eading nonfiction helps people make informed decisions, learn new skil ls, and accomplish goals at work, school, and in their personal lives. The program begins by following a woman who owns and operates her own day care. She talks about the types of nonfiction that she reads on a daily basis: instruction manuals, how-to books, rules and regulations , etc. This program explains how to read for information and tells the student to ask the question how is the information organized?" and e xplains how to use indexes and tables of contents to find information quickly. It suggests that the student use common sense to decide if th ey should skim a passage or read it carefully. It urges students to lo ok for the main idea and to ask themselves "what does this mean?" as t hey read. The program also follows a film critic from a local paper. H e explains th

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