Ratio, Proportion and Percent

This program on Ratio, Proportion and Percent is the sixth of 13 progr ams on mathematics and the 32nd of 39 programs overall in the series, GED Connection. Many guests from various disciplines are featured in r oll-ins to explain the basics and how that knowledge is useful in diff erent jobs or settings. Ratios are fractions which can be simplified R atios are explained by using the unit price of apples and their weight to calculate the total cost. Featured is a city builder who uses floo r area ratio to determine the size of a building compared to the size of the lot. Percentages, or parts per 100, are explained in the contex t of calculating car payments and how much of those payments is princi pal and much is interest. The importance of Compound interest, or inte rest on already earned interest is highlighted. Also shown is how to c alculate a magazine's price using a percentage discount. Proportional ratios are used to solve missing variable by multiplying cross-product s. A carto

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