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#Career Forward Alabama | #Manufacturing

Jacoby Dixon | Career Forward Alabama

Jacoby Dixon launched his career in manufacturing through an apprenticeship with Phifer Incorporated combined with a soft skills curriculum called Ready to Work during his senior year of high school. Apprenticeships include industry-specific, on-the-job-training, and classroom theory taught over a one- to six-year period. Apprenticeships offer opportunities to earn a salary while learning the skill trade necessary to succeed in high-demand careers. Most importantly, upon completion of the program, apprentices have a transportable credential that will increase high-wage earning potential. Some of the most in-demand career options in Alabama are within the manufacturing industry, which has a wide range of pathways for job seekers. Annual income for industrial maintenance mechanics ranges from $36,000 to $69,000, with an annual mean wage in West Alabama of $59,479.

Anyone who is interested in pursuing an apprenticeship and/ or a career in manufacturing is encouraged to reach out to their school counselor or career coach. Interested adults are encouraged to connect with their local community college or career center, where they can learn more information about career options and available funding for approved programs at area colleges and other local training providers through WIOA.