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#Career Forward Alabama | #Transportation and Logistics

Amanda Marshall | Career Forward Alabama

Truck drivers are in demand in Alabama. Amanda Martin launched her career as a truck driver through an eight-weekend course at Calhoun Community College. She first began a career as a project manager for a large corporation, but found it challenging to find work in her field after moving to Alabama. Her husband is a truck driver, and he encouraged Amanda to sign up for CDL training. She attended classes on the weekend, which allowed her to continue to work full time while earning her certification.

Amanda is now employed locally as a bus driver for the city of Huntsville, and the hours work well with her schedule as a working mother. Annual income for truck drivers ranges from $26,849 to $48,891, with an annual mean wage in Alabama of $40,080. Experienced Over-the-Road drivers have the potential to make over $100,000 annually. The tuition for this program is $2950, and many students are able to get the cost completely covered through WIOA funds at their local career center. Graduates of the course easily and quickly find jobs locally or Over-the-Road and are able to choose what fits for them depending on their needs.

Anyone who is interested in pursuing a career that requires a CDL is encouraged to reach out to their school counselor or career coach. Interested adults are encouraged to connect with their local career center or community college for more information.