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#Career Forward Alabama | #Information Technology

Allanté Jowers | Career Forward Alabama

One of the most in-demand career options in Alabama is the IT industry, which has a wide range of pathways for job seekers. Allanté Jowers was majoring in Information Systems at UAB, but he left school near the end of his sophomore year to work full-time. While working as a restaurant cook, Allanté heard about the free, three-month coding bootcamps that are offered at Innovate BHAM. He enrolled and began taking daily classes while continuing to work full-time at night. He earned a CompTIA A+ certification with the first cohort, is employed full-time as a University of Alabama at Birmingham IT certified specialist, and is consistently named the top Help Desk specialist at UAB IT. “I’m [now] employed by the school that I had to take time [off from] to get my finances together. Now I’m also going to school for free.” Annual income for IT certified specialists ranges from $30,356 to $57,066, with an annual mean wage in Alabama of $48,530. Anyone who is interested in pursuing a career in IT is encouraged to reach out to their school counselor or career coach. Interested adults are encouraged to connect with their local career center for more information.