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3 Day Sponsorships

A day sponsorship is designed to honor, celebrate or memorialize a person, event, anniversary, or birthday. WLRH will help you develop your personalized announcement. Day sponsorship announcements air approximately 8-10 times on the day of your choice (subject to availability). Only 2 day sponsorships permitted on any given day.

For your Day Sponsorship information, please enter the date(s) you would like to sponsor, along with a short message you would like read. If you leave this blank, we will simply acknowledge your generosity by reading your name.

Please note that your message CAN NOT include any contact information (phone ,address, web ,email) and can not be used to promote a business, non-profit, church service, or politcal candidate.

In addition, any help in assisting us in reading the name correctly would be appreciated. For example, spelling it phonetically or telling us what it rhymes with. (ex, Jane Gadowski GAH-DOW-SKI)

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