Pledge Programs for Sat March 17, 2018

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1:00 amArt in the Twenty-First Century Los Angeles

Featured are Diana Thater's immersive video installations; Liz Larner's experimental abstract sculptures; Tala Madani, who skewers stereotypes in satirical paintings; and Edgar Arceneaux, who examines history through drawing and performance.

2:00 amArt in the Twenty-First Century Vancouver

Featured are Liz Magor, who makes realistic casts of humble objects; Stan Douglas, who re-enacts historical moments through multimedia productions; Brian Jungen, who transforms consumer goods into sculptures; and renowned photographer Jeff Wall.

3:00 amIndependent Lens Born to Fly: Elizabeth Streb Vs. Gravity

Follow the evolution of daredevil choreographer Elizabeth Streb

4:00 amThis Old House Hour

Tom and Charlie install a fireback on a kitchen wall. Roger returns the flowers he saved. The wood stove arrives. On Ask This Old House, Richard repairs a water system with air in it and Mauro teaches a homeowner how to paint a room.

5:00 amWorkplace Essential Skills

Workplace Essential Skills teaches skills and attitudes necessary to succeed at work. Learners see how to prepare resumes and applications and how to prepare themselves for interviews and work. In-depth documentary and scripted footage shows learners what employers are looking for and how to thrive in a new job.

6:00 amSit and Be Fit Full Body Workout

Mary Ann uses a towel to assist with neck alignment and a band for strengthening shoulders and upper back. There is a focus on core and a special tip to help balance.

6:30 amWai Lana Yoga Ketchari Mudra

Mudras are subtle techniques that benefit both body and mind. This one also stimulates the glands and pressure points at the back of the palate, which helps preserve the body's vital energy.

7:00 amThe Whole Child: A Caregiver's Guide to the First Five Years Creativity and Play

Outlines the role of creativity in healthy child development by addressing its relationship to self-worth and self-expression. Emphasized are ways that adults can encourage healthy creativity and play.

7:30 amThe Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That! The Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That!

Nick and Sally are having a sleepover in the treehouse and Nick is startled by a shadow. The Cat explains that shadows aren't scary if you know what they are. He takes them to Silhouette Valley where they learn that shadows are made by blocking light and the position of the light can make shadows grow or shrink. Nick uninte...

8:00 amPeg + Cat Richard The Third/The Lemonade Problem

Richard The Third - The Purple Planet. At Richard's family's highly competitive annual picnic, Peg and Cat try to help Richard achieve his dream of not coming in third in every single event. The Lemonade Problem - Peg's Neighborhood. When Peg realizes her lemonade stand has no cups, Cat must make a series of shrewd business...

8:30 amDinosaur Train Zeppelin: Waterfalls/Zeppelin: Atoll

The Pteranodon kids are riding the Dinosaur Train with friend and fellow pterosaur, Quincy Queztalcoatlus. When they pass by a waterfall, Buddy comments on how big it is! Quincy's dad mentions a giant waterfall at the edge of the Western Interior Sea. Mr. Conductor gives a lesson about waterfalls and then suggests a unique ...

9:00 amOdd Squad Mid-Day in the Garden of Good and Odd/Failure to Lunch

Mid-Day in the Garden of Good and Odd - When things in town get covered in jam, the agents turn to Odd Todd for help. Curriculum: Solving codes using patterns and addition. Failure to Lunch - When the agents go to lunch, they struggle to relax and ignore the oddness. Curriculum: Measurement.

9:30 amWild Kratts Box Turtled In!

When the Wild Kratts Tortuga is accidentally miniaturized and carried off by a coyote, the mothership's shell defense is finally put to the test. The gang embarks on a box turtle-style mission to get back to the Miniaturizer and restore the Tortuga back to normal size. Science Concept: Defense.

10:00 amBiz Kid$ How Credit Affects Your Life

Join the Biz Kids and learn about building good credit and how the credit laws affect your life.

10:30 amAlabama Scholars Bowl Lamp Hs Vs. Theodore Hs

11:00 amAfrica's Great Civilizations Origins/The Cross and the Crescent

Journey with Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr. to Kenya, Egypt and beyond as he discovers the origins of man, the formation of early human societies and the creation of significant cultural and scientific achievements on the African continent.

12:03 pmAfrica's Great Civilizations The Cross and the Crescent

Gates charts the rise of Christianity and Islam, whose economic and cultural influence stretched from Egypt to Ethiopia. Learn of African religious figures like King Lalibela, an Ethiopian saint, and Menelik, bringer of the Ark of the Covenant.

1:15 pmAfrica's Great Civilizations The Atlantic Age/Commerce and the Clash of Civilizations

Henry Louis Gates, Jr. uncovers the complex trade networks and advanced educational institutions that transformed early north and west Africa from deserted lands into the continent's wealthiest kingdoms and learning centers.

2:28 pmAfrica's Great Civilizations Cities

Gates explores the power of Africa's greatest ancient cities, including Kilwa, Great Zimbabwe and Benin City, whose wealth, art and industry successes attracted new European interest and interaction along the continent's east and west coasts.

3:47 pmAfrica's Great Civilizations The Atlantic Age/Commerce and the Clash of Civilizations

Gates explores the impact of the Atlantic trading world, giving rise to powerful new kingdoms, but also transatlantic slave trade. Learn of the revolutionary movements of the 18th-early 19th centuries, including the advent of the Sokoto Caliphate.

5:07 pmAfrica's Great Civilizations Commerce and the Clash of Civilizations

Gates explores the dynamism of 19th-century Africa, the 'scramble' by European powers for its riches, and the defiant and successful stand of uncolonized Ethiopia.

6:30 pmJohnny Mathis - Wonderful Wonderful (My Music Presents)

Public TV celebrates 60+1 years of the legendary Johnny Mathis in this MY MUSIC Presents special presentation. All Johnny's favorites 'Chances Are, ' 'Twelfth of Never, ' 'Wonderful, Wonderful,' It's Not For Me To Say,' 'Too Much, Too Little Too Late' and more are all performed live.

8:30 pm70s Soul Superstars (My Music)

Join Patti LaBelle for an all-star reunion of the legends of 1970s Motown, R&B and soul, including the Commodores, original lead Eugene Record reuniting with the Chi-Lites, the Stylistics, Yvonne Elliman, Heatwave, the Trammps and the Emotions.

11:00 pmRolling Stones: Sticky Fingers at the Fonda Theater

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