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Pledge Programs for Sat June 1, 2013

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12:00 amTo the Contrary with Bonnie Erbe

Sex Scandals in Politics: Do sex scandals matter anymore? Discussing Anthony Weiner and Mark Sanford's second runs for office. Pope Francis and 'the cult of money': Pope Francis condemns materialism and issues a call for world financial reform. BEHIND THE HEADLINES: Former Senator Olympia Snowe's next act. Panelists: Del. E...

12:30 amReligion & Ethics Newsweekly

Decline of Buddhism - Thailand is 95% Buddhist, but it is estimated that in the last thirty years the number of monks has declined by more than half. Lucky Severson reports that one reason is economic prosperity and consumerism; another is that while young boys at one time became monks to get free schooling at the temple, T...

1:00 amEllen DeGeneres: The Mark Twain Prize

The work of Ellen DeGeneres is celebrated as she receives the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor.

2:30 amIndependent Lens Detropia

Detroit was the birthplace of the middle-class; a great city that came with the guarantee of the American dream. Today, the Motor City is suffering from a bad case of post-industrialism. Hit with the deadly combination of myopic executives, corrupt politicians, severe racial tensions and a lack of innovation, Detroit now st...

4:00 amThis Old House Hour

Norm and Kevin arrive to find the painters putting up a tinted primer with airless sprayers, turning the house from grey to a sunny yellow. Inside, Tom and Norm get to work trimming out the double hung widows on the second floor with an elegant, modern detail specified by the architect.

5:00 amGED Connection Chemistry

This program underscores how chemistry affects all aspects of life. Se veral expert guests discuss chemistry terms and concepts in various ap plications. A glass blower discusses the three states of matter - soli d, liquid, and gas - and how heat can transform one to another. Matter is grouped into elements, mixtures, and c...

5:30 amGED Connection Physics

This program on physics is the last of five programs in the science se ction of the GED Connection series, which helps prepare students for t he GED exam. Physics is the study of forces that move things. Matter i s anything that takes up space or has a mass. The program features gue sts of various disciplines who explain sp...

6:00 amWorkplace Essential Skills A Process For Writing

The importance of the writing process in the workplace.

6:30 amWorkplace Essential Skills Supplying information: Directions, Forms, and Charts

Advice and practice exercises for developing accuracy and completeness.

7:00 amRight From Birth: A Parenting Series Thinking and Experimenting: Seven to Ten Months

A time of true exploration. Amazing progress takes place in physical, emotional and intellectual growth from seven to ten months.

7:30 amThe Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That! Little Lemmings/keep the Beat

Little Lemmings It's cold outside, but Nick and Sally want to keep playing. Is there a way to stay warm out in the cold? Cat's friend Lars the Lemming will know! He lives in the Wundra-Bundra-Tundra. It's cold out, but with Lars' fur coat, he doesn't even notice! They help Lars find a new home, one where there's more food f...

8:00 amThomas & Friends Being Happy With Me

Percy tries so hard to be more like Gordon that he forgets to deliver his mail.

8:30 amBob the Builder Following Clues - Part 3

Educational Objective: Learn the importance of determination and never giving-up. Dizzy Finds that Pirate Fixham Theatre needs work completed before the performance of The Legend of Brickbeard, with actor and theatre manager Richard Olivier in the lead role. When Dizzy tells the team that she has seen Brickbeard backstage, ...

9:00 amSuper WHY! George and the Dragon

FEE FI FO FUM! The Giant has stepped on Pig's toy, and he's scared to ask for it back!

9:30 amMartha Speaks Martha Gets Spooked / Martha Changes Her Luck

Is someone fixing up the haunted house? If not, who ordered those flowers? Was it the ghost of Mrs. Parkington's Great-Aunt Martha? Whoever or whatever it was, Martha has to go in there to protect Helen, before it's too late!

10:00 amBiz Kid$ What's Your Money Personality?

This episode looks at the range of emotional reactions and connections people have with money.

10:30 amDesign Squad Batter Up

The teams find the right ingredients for a machine that will cook, flip and serve great flapjacks.

11:00 amProtect Your Memory with Dr. Neal Barnard

Best-selling author and health advocate Dr. Neal Barnard offers groundbreaking research to protect against memory loss and offers new ways to offset the risks for dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. By showing three simple steps that can be taken to derail degenerative processes and warning against potential threats to the ...

12:30 pmRick Steves' Europe Travel Skills

RICK STEVES' EUROPE TRAVEL SKILLS distills Rick Steves' 30 years of travel experience into an information-rich two-hour special. Shot on his favorite 3,000-mile "Best of Europe" loop - Amsterdam, Germany's Rhineland, Venice, Siena, the Italian Riviera, the Swiss Alps, Paris and London - Rick covers planning an itinerary, hu...

2:30 pm3 Steps to incredible Health! with Joel Fuhrman, M.d.

Joel Fuhrman offers a healthy, effective and scientifically proven plan for shedding weight quickly.

4:30 pmActive with Arthritis with Vijay Vad, M.d.

Join renowned sports medicine specialist Dr. Vijay Vad as he empowers arthritis sufferers with techniques to manage their condition and enjoy an active lifestyle. Learn about the proper use of supplements and why exercise is important, and gain a better medical understanding of the disease.

6:00 pmLawrence Welk: Precious Memories

Lawrence Welk Precious Memories abounds with spiritual hymns, inspirational songs and gospel medleys reminding viewers of their shared family values based on loving and heartfelt beliefs. This nostalgic special will lift your spirits, heal your heart and take you into the safe haven of your past with promises for a brighter...

8:00 pmMagic Moments: The Best of '50s Pop

The McGuire Sisters, The Lennon Sisters, The Chordettes, The Four Aces and more take the stage.

10:00 pmMuddy Waters & The Rolling Stones Live

Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood join the blues legend on stage in Chicago in 1981.

11:30 pmAaron Neville: Doo Wop - My True Story

Iconic soul and R&B vocalist and multiple Grammy Award-winning artist Aaron Neville is featured in a special concert performing songs from his upcoming doo-wop inspired album My True Story. Recorded at the Brooklyn Bowl in November 2012, this special features an array of musicians along with special guests Paul Simon, Joan ...

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