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Pledge Programs for Sun November 23, 2014

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12:00 amGlobe Trekker

A culinary tour around Scandinavia, a region infused with Viking history and heritage, is featured.

2:00 amIndependent Lens Happiness

Pyanki is a nine-year-old monk living in Laya, a Bhutanese village perched high in the Himalayas. The nearest road is a three-day walk distant, and Pyanki has never even left his village. In 2012, however, the world will come to him: Laya will at long last be connected to electricity, and the first television will flicker o...

3:00 amCold War Roadshow: American Experience

Revisit one of the most bizarre episodes in the annals of modern history — the unprecedented barnstorming across America by Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev, the world leader of Communism and America’s arch-nemesis, during 13 days in 1959.

4:00 amWashington Week With Gwen Ifill

WASHINGTON WEEK is the longest-running primetime news and public affairs program on television. The show features a group of journalists participating in a roundtable discussion of major news events.

4:30 amCharlie Rose - The Week

This special Friday night offering will feature highlights of conversations with the week's guests on Rose's nightly PBS program. From studios in New York City and locations around the world, Charlie Rose talks to people in every field who have 'a great story to tell.'

5:00 amWorkplace Essential Skills Resumes, Tests, and Choices

Writing effective resumes and preparing for employment tests.

5:30 amWorkplace Essential Skills Ready to Work

Understanding and demonstrating work-readiness skills.

6:00 amSit and Be Fit

Low-intensity workout series for senior citizens.

6:30 amWai Lana Yoga

Balance in push-up position, then test your strength and stamina by turning sideways to balance on one hand and foot. An energizing breath and an easy twist will give you energy for Yoga Dance.

7:00 amCurious George George Buys a Kite / Train of Light

George and Bill are determined to buy the Ultimate Kite on display at Ada & Luke's country store.

7:30 amThe Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That! Step This Way/anything You Can Do

Step This Way The kids are playing dress-up, with Sally wearing her mom's shoes, and Nick wearing his dad's shoes. They're having trouble walking, and the Cat thinks it's because their feet are the wrong shape. But doesn't everyone have the same shaped feet? Not at all! The Cat takes them to the Jungle of Bingle-Bungle Boo ...

8:00 amPeg + Cat The Pirate Puzzle Problem/the Scrap of Map Problem

The Pirate Puzzle Problem - The Pirate Ship. Peg and Cat must help the pirates put together a puzzle, and then the four sections of their sinking ship. Primary Content: Composing and decomposing puzzles Secondary Content: Recognizing the attributes of shapes The Scrap of Map Problem - Pirate Island. When the Pirates' treasu...

8:30 amDinosaur Train One Smart Dinosaur / Petey the Peteinosaurus

Buddy and Tiny want to test their memory, so they ride the Dinosaur Train and spend some time with the Conductor, since he's a Troodon with a great memory. They also meet Petey Peteinosaurus, a "flying lizard," who is fun, funny, and friendly.

9:00 amMartha Speaks Martha's Holiday Surprise/we're Powerless!

Martha's Holiday Surprise A blizzard is headed towards Wagstaff City and Mittens the cat is trapped in an alley. Fears rise when the story unfolds: Mittens has kittens. Abandoning animal prejudices, Martha and Skits trample into the snow-capped city to rescue the endangered cat and her young. We're Powerless! A blackout in ...

9:30 amWordGirl El Queso Mysterioso/putt with Honor

It’s the day of the Magical Magicians Convention, and the entire Botsford family is excited to go and see their favorite magician, El Mysterioso, perform live. Everyone except Becky, that is, who would much rather be at the Pretty Princess book signing across the street. But Mr. Botsford emphasizes how important it is that ...

10:00 amClifford the Big Red Dog Doggie Detective / Camping It Up

K.C. leads the "doggie detectives" as they solve the mystery of the disappearing playground equipment.

10:30 amArthur Portrait of the Artist as a Young Tibble / The Secret Guardians

The Tibble Twins set out on new business venture selling their pre-school art masterpieces to earn enough money to buy the coveted Krummy Kreepy Kastle.

11:00 amBookmark Joan Mcbreen

Joan McBreen is an Irish poet. Her anthology The White Page – Twentieth-Century Irish Women Poets was published in 1999. She has given readings and talks in many universities in the United States. Her other publications include Heather Island (2009) and the anthology The Watchful Heart – A New Generation of Irish Poets – P...

11:30 amSecond Opinion Als

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is a devastating, progressive neurological disease with no cure. Also known as Lou Gehrig's disease, ALS physically and mentally affects each person differently. In this heartfelt episode, experts present data and Gary Temoyan shares his story, talking about his diagnosis, treatments, pro...

12:00 pmDiscovering Alabama Alabama's Black Belt Pt.1

Few parts of the world can boast of land as fertile as the rich dark soils found in Alabama's blackland prairie region commonly called the black belt. Unfortunately, the black belt is often known elsewhere in the world for its history of cotton plantations and slavery. This program takes viewers into the black belt to exami...

12:30 pmJourney Proud Short Track Racing

Complex and labor intensive, the tradition of Short Track Racing is rooted in the earliest days of Alabama's car racing scene. This DIY culture continues to be epitomized at local tracks like the Montgomery Motor Speedway. Guests include Stevieray Martin, Hunter Robbins and others.

1:00 pmCapitol Journal Week in Review

(NOV. 21, 2014) Tonight we'll be joined by new Senate Majority Leader Greg Reed of Jasper, who discusses Republican gains in the legislature and the challenges that lie ahead, including the General Fund budget woes. State Auditor-elect Jim Zeigler of Mobile will also be with us to talk about bringing his 'taxpayer watchdog...

2:00 pmMasterpiece Downton Abbey, Season 3: Episode 6

A yearly cricket match with the village sees old scores settled and new plots hatched.

4:00 pmMasterpiece Downton Abbey, Season 3: Episode 7

In the finale, the Crawleys head to a Scottish hunting lodge. New romances flare up and a crisis unfolds.

6:00 pmNature Invasion of the Killer Whales

As the ice shrinks in the Arctic, polar bears are struggling to survive in a fast melting world. Although classified a marine mammal, the polar bear is not adapted to hunting in the water. And it is certainly no match for the world’s greatest aquatic hunter — the killer whale. In the last few years, scientists have noted an...

7:00 pmJay Leno: the Mark Twain Prize

This special celebrates “Tonight Show” host, comedian and performer Jay Leno, the latest recipient of The Kennedy Center Mark Twain Prize for American Humor. From the stage of The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, DC, a lineup of the biggest names in comedy salutes the 17th recipient of the humor...

8:30 pmPioneers of Television Carol Burnett & the Funny Ladies

This program focuses on Carol Burnett's television comedy career and the funny ladies of television who joined her in paving the way for today's TV comediennes.

9:00 pmRichard Pryor: Icon

Richard Pryor’s impact on the craft of comedy and today’s top comics is legendary and unrivaled. This program surveys the profound and enduring influence of one of the greatest American comics of all time.

10:00 pmAgatha Christie's - Poirot Curtain: Poirot’s Last Case

After returning to Styles with Hastings, Poirot confronts a killer and his own conscience as he tries to stop a series of murders. Confined to a wheelchair and crippled with arthritis, the now elderly HERCULE POIROT is reunited with his old companion CAPTAIN HASTINGS – back where it all began. Styles is the rambling country...

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