For The Record

Investing in the Future

Original Air Date: 7/22/2009

Alabama Public Television’s “For The Record” examines the future of investing in the stock market and reforms aimed at helping investors. “For The Record: Investing In The Future” features two guests in important securities regulation positions. Richard Ketchum is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer for the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, FINRA. FINRA is the largest independent regulator of securities firms doing business. It regulates close to 4,850 brokerage firms, some 173,000-branch offices, and 649,000 registered securities representatives. Joe Borg is the Executive Director of the Alabama Securities Commission, ASC. The ASC regulates the securities industry in the state. It registers and licenses securities broker-dealers, agents, investment advisers and investment adviser representatives, and financial planners. Ketchum is visiting Alabama and has agreed to appear exclusively on Alabama Public Television because of APT’s long history of programs focusing on educating the public on financial matters. Borg has been on “For The Record” several times taking questions from Alabamians on investing. Ketchum and Borg will discuss how regulation and education will be the key to restoring investor confidence in the markets. They will talk about existing rules and they will discuss new proposals from the Obama Administration aimed at preventing another market meltdown that occurred last year. Jon Beans along with Lori Cummings will be hosting the program that will feature questions from viewers. Viewers can pose questions to either Ketchum or Borg. The public can email questions to either Lori Cummings at or Jon Beans at

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