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Wall of Faces

In an effort to further preserve the legacy of those who sacrificed all in Vietnam, Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund (VVMF) is committed to finding a photo to go with each of the more than 58,000 names on The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall. Click on the link below to view the Wall of Faces. To see all Alabama residents listed on the Wall, click Advanced Search and choose Alabama from the state list and the click Submit.

View the Wall of Faces

During the Vietnam War, 1,210 Alabama residents lost their lives. Each of their names appear on the Wall of Faces. Of those who died, some do not have a photo. Dr. Blake Busbin and his students at Auburn High School are working to locate a photo for each Alabama serviceman who gave the ultimate sacrifice in Vietnam. When they started the project, there were 674 Alabama servicemen killed in Vietnam with photos missing and when APT put this list online the count was 356.  Now, the list consists of 206 names still needing photos.
You can help with this effort by searching the list (sorted by hometown) of Alabama Vietnam Veterans killed in the War without a photo and then locating a photo of a person to add to the Wall of Faces. Let’s work to put a face with every name of the Wall.

You may submit the photo or Contact W. Blake Busbin at to submit a photo or photos of any of the veterans listed below:

*The 141 photos that have been located since we publicized this list are highlighted in yellow at the bottom of the list.  Thank you to those who located pictures of those servicemen.     

Look over this list and help us put a face to every Alabama name on THE Wall.

Nix Edward L ALPINE, AL 12-Aug-46 16-May-68
Swain Jr Lee W ALPINE, AL 31-Oct-42 18-Aug-68
Hoover Jr Willie ANNISTON, AL 11-Feb-43 13-Jun-72
Lovell James R ANNISTON, AL 22-Jan-49 10-Feb-69
Standridge Paul R ANNISTON, AL 3/15/34 9-May-68
Middlebrooks Robert N ARITON, AL 30-Nov-27 13-Jan-66
Lott Junior E ATHENS, AL 14-May-43 19-Dec-67
Clemmons  Jack E ATMORE, AL 6-Apr-36 18-Dec-65
Jackson Thomas C AUTAUGAVILLE, AL 12-Apr-31 15-Nov-66
Chapman Jr Andee BESSEMER, AL 17-Nov-32 5-Jun-72
Colston Jr Louis BESSEMER, AL 28-May-47 14-Oct-67
Evans Thomas C BESSEMER, AL 1-May-41 7-May-67
Harrell Ronnie BESSEMER, AL 5-Aug-48 19-Feb-68
Harris Nathaniel BESSEMER, AL 19-Jul-47 18-Oct-67
Moore  Leonard D BESSEMER, AL 23-Aug-47 2-Mar-68
Oakes Christopher C BESSEMER, AL 21-Jul-45 25-Aug-66
Story J C BESSEMER, AL 23-Aug-43 8-Jan-68
Thomas  Tennyson A BESSEMER, AL 22-Nov-44 6-Feb-68
Ware Mack A BESSEMER, AL 20-Sep-43 17-Nov-65
Ware Matthew BESSEMER, AL 3-Jul-32 17-Nov-66
Clark Bobby D BEXAR, AL 11-May-47 9-Mar-69
Dennis William E BIRMINGHAM, AL 30-Oct-35 21-Jun-68
Eatman Jr Earnest BIRMINGHAM, AL 20-Mar-48 12-Aug-68
Evans Herman BIRMINGHAM, AL 30-May-48 10-Sep-70
Evans Jerry T BIRMINGHAM, AL 30-Sep-47 4-May-68
Evans Johnnie L BIRMINGHAM, AL 2-Mar-46 24-Feb-67
Franklin Jr Ira M BIRMINGHAM, AL 15-Dec-43 6-Mar-69
Gentry Jr Oscar BIRMINGHAM, AL 19-Mar-48 12-Jun-68
Godwin William R BIRMINGHAM, AL 8-Jul-46 30-Nov-67
Gordon Ernest L BIRMINGHAM, AL 12-Sep-44 13-May-69
Hall Ronald BIRMINGHAM, AL 20-Jul-48 2-Oct-67
Hamner Charles BIRMINGHAM, AL 19-Sep-43 31-Jul-68
Harper Richard E BIRMINGHAM, AL 21-Feb-44 12-Jan-66
Hill Jr William B BIRMINGHAM, AL 15-Apr-25 5-Sep-66
Horsley Larry F BIRMINGHAM, AL 1-Feb-43 8-Sep-68
Howard Clarence W BIRMINGHAM, AL 9-Oct-44 31-Jan-66
Howard James J BIRMINGHAM, AL 2-Jun-38 1-Nov-65
Hullett Nathan E BIRMINGHAM, AL 5-May-48 23-Feb-69
Jackson Adam BIRMINGHAM, AL 14-Jan-50 6-Jun-70
Johnson Obbie BIRMINGHAM, AL 21-Mar-49 29-May-68
June Jeremiah BIRMINGHAM, AL 13-Mar-48 19-May-69
King Jr Argestlar BIRMINGHAM, AL 29-Mar-48 22-Aug-68
Lais Robert W BIRMINGHAM, AL 14-Jan-47 20-Aug-68
Leslie Roger L BIRMINGHAM, AL 9-Nov-46 6-Jul-66
Lockett Cleo BIRMINGHAM, AL 25-Dec-42 8-Nov-65
McCain Michael C BIRMINGHAM, AL 17-Sep-41 9-May-68
McCain Jr  Marvin R BIRMINGHAM, AL 8-Nov-43 20-Jun-68
McCall Clifford  BIRMINGHAM, AL 15-Sep-47 19-Aug-66
Molton  Kenneth W BIRMINGHAM, AL 9-Apr-48 7-Dec-68
Nall John T BIRMINGHAM, AL 5-Nov-48 16-Jul-69
O'Neal Victor H BIRMINGHAM, AL 5-Jan-42 17-May-66
Prince Garry G BIRMINGHAM, AL 20-Jul-47 4-Jan-68
Ratcliff Jackie L BIRMINGHAM, AL 20-Apr-48 10-Apr-69
Richards Robert BIRMINGHAM, AL 26-Jul-44 7-May-68
Runnels Jr Glyn L BIRMINGHAM, AL 11-Apr-46 30-Jun-67
Rush Theodore M BIRMINGHAM, AL 15-Nov-49 2-Feb-69
Russell Jr Floyd H BIRMINGHAM, AL 16-Jul-46 15-Jun-67
Scarbrough Ennis R BIRMINGHAM, AL 22-Apr-46 12-May-66
Smith Jim L BIRMINGHAM, AL 11-Aug-46 8-Jul-66
Stewart Jr Charlie A BIRMINGHAM, AL 27-Jun-49 3-Feb-68
Stribbling Gwynan BIRMINGHAM, AL 13-Oct-50 9-Aug-69
Terry  William J BIRMINGHAM, AL 5-Jun-49 1-Oct-72
Thomas Wilton H BIRMINGHAM, AL 2-Jun-49 17-Feb-68
Tiller Robert BIRMINGHAM, AL 17-Jul-39  25-Jan-66
Toyer Lee A BIRMINGHAM, AL 3-Apr-47 21-Oct-67
Vinson Henry M BIRMINGHAM, AL 4-Aug-41 2-Apr-66
Wade Steven M BIRMINGHAM, AL 27-May-51 7-Aug-70
Washington Jr William F BIRMINGHAM, AL 15-Jul-47 1-Jan-68
Williams Gene W BIRMINGHAM, AL 4-Mar-33 12-Oct-65
Williams Larry D BIRMINGHAM, AL 14-Oct-45 23-Jun-66
Williams Melvin J BIRMINGHAM, AL 11-Nov-47 31-Jan-68
Wilson  Fred  BIRMINGHAM, AL 18-Feb-44 19-Jun-68
Young Claude BIRMINGHAM, AL 19-Apr-42 21-Oct-67
Youngblood Jimmy D BIRMINGHAM, AL 9-Aug-44 18-Nov-67
Love J C BLACK, AL 8-Dec-43 28-Oct-66
McLemore  Taylor H BOLIGEE, AL 5-Mar-47 3-Jun-67
Gardner Jr Willie  BRENT, AL 12-Jul-50 12-Feb-71
Cary  Willie B BRIGHTON, AL 30-Nov-46 21-Jul-66
Gardner Roy E BROOKSIDE, AL 7-Jul-41 11-Mar-67
Nelson Darrol CALHOUN, AL 16-Jun-33 30-May-66
Cantrell Lewis E CENTRE, AL 2-Nov-44 29-Apr-67
Chamblee Jimmie L CENTRE, AL 9-Mar-45 22-Jun-70
Causey Jr Ben E CHOCTAW, AL 27-Jan-45 14-Feb-68
Kelley William R CITRONELLE, AL 24-Jan-46 28-Aug-66
Gautney Earl COFFEE SPRINGS, AL 2-Dec-35 23-Oct-67
Clanton Louis L COLLINSVILLE, AL 30-Sep-44 8-Jul-68
Head Jr Marvin  COLUMBIANA 29-Mar-46 11-Jan-68
Smith Mose Jr CUBA, AL 23-Oct-44 29-Jun-66
Glover Robert B CULLMAN, AL 25-Jul-44 31-Dec-66
McAdams Edgar G DAPHINE, AL 22-Mar-49 15-Mar-69
Nicholas Tommy L DECATUR, AL 2-Mar-44 23-Feb-66
Ford Charles W DOTHAN, AL 25-Nov-47 6-Apr-67
Gilmore Ronald DOZIER, AL 25-Jun-48 27-Nov-67
Raynor James D EMPIRE, AL 2-Nov-46 29-Aug-68
Carson Jr Charles N ENSLEY, AL 25-Dec-47 1-Nov-66
Grayson Ronnie P ENSLEY, AL 30-Oct-49 5-Jan-69
Raspberry Lawrence FAIRFIELD, AL 6-Jul-46 30-Jun-69
Hawthorne Andrew G FAIRHOPE, AL 27-Apr-51 31-Jul-70
Mosely Edward  FAIRHOPE, AL 21-Dec-34 15-Oct-67
Peoples Howard G FAYETTE, AL 10-Jun-49 9-Nov-68
Whiteside John C FAYETTE, AL 2-May-46 13-Aug-69
Penn Roosevelt F FULTON, AL 3-Jan-48 7-May-69
Kelley Larry D FULTONDALE, AL 2-Aug-46 1-May-68
Cooper William Georginia 5-Oct-42 7-Oct-68
Perkins Wardell GORDO, AL 21-Jul-47 16-Dec-68
Waxton Wilbert E GRAND BAY, AL 8-May-44 29-Apr-66
Ervin Clifford L HEFLIN, AL 18-Apr-48 30-Jul-68
Little  John E HOLT, AL 30-Sep-44 6-Apr-66
Patterson Samuel L HUEYTOWN, AL 24-Jun-46 13-May-69
Kuhse Michael D HUNTSVILLE, AL 5-Aug-56 17-May-68
Stewart Sam W HUNTSVILLE, AL 30-Jun-48 20-Feb-68
Walbridge George W HUNTSVILLE, AL 11-Jun-41 10-Feb-68
Holden Alfred J JACKSONVILLE, AL 27-May-33 30-Jan-66
McBride Herman A JACKSONVILLE, AL 27-Feb-32 29-Nov-67
Turner David L LACEY SPRINGS, AL 9-Jun-41 31-Jan-68
Thomas  Roy E LAFAYETTE, AL 15-Apr-39 6-Feb-66
McDonald  Joseph W LETOHATCHEE, AL 10-Jul-49 8-Feb-70
Cox Charles E LEXINGTON, AL 3-Sep-39 17-Nov-65
Knight  Mack A LOWNDES, AL 11-May-46 5-Sep-66
Davis Willie L LUVERNE, AL 18-Oct-41 14-Jul-67
Moore  Roy L MADISON, AL 22-Apr-49 16-Jun-68
Hegler Jr Mose MAGAZINE POINT, AL 18-Aug-48 27-Dec-67
Crews Thomas F MARION, AL 16-Sep-42 6-May-68
Woods Abraham MARION, AL 31-May-48 24-Sep-67
Broadhead Jack P MCCALLA, AL 30-Apr-38 2-Dec-67
Walker Jr Robert L MIDWAY, AL 30-May-48 12-Feb-70
Smith John L MILLBROOK, AL 8-Jun-50 1-Apr-70
Wadswroth Harry M MILLBROOK, AL 10-Jun-44 16-May-67
Clark  Francis E MOBILE, AL 28-Dec-42 2-May-67
Combs  John B MOBILE, AL 15-Nov-47 18-Apr-69
Crenshaw Joe E MOBILE, AL 31-Aug-49 7-Dec-70
Dickens  David R MOBILE, AL 26-Jun-29 1-Nov-65
Fields James L MOBILE, AL 23-Jan-33 29-Mar-67
Harris Frank C MOBILE, AL 17-Jan-48 10-Aug-68
James Jr Willie  MOBILE, AL 3-Nov-42 28-Jun-71
Johnson Jr Lile L MOBILE, AL 6-Nov-46 29-Aug-68
Leatherwood James MOBILE, AL 7-Dec-48 27-Oct-67
Meacham  Jack B MOBILE, AL 5-May-43 19-Mar-67
Morgan Lynn M MOBILE, AL 30-Jan-51 16-Sep-71
Presley Jr Andrew L MOBILE, AL 7-Jun-43 23-Mar-69
Pryear Johnnie L MOBILE, AL 5-Jun-51 6-Mar-71
Scott James F MOBILE, AL 28-Mar-47 8-Feb-68
Scott Jr Johnny M MOBILE, AL 20-Oct-47 5-Jun-68
Smith Charles W MOBILE, AL 25-Mar-44 30-Oct-66
Taylor Clifton T MOBILE, AL 21-Nov-48 23-May-68
Patty Dudley R MONTGOMERY, AL 20-Oct-43 25-Mar-67
Canada Jr George MONTGOMERY, AL 13-Oct-33 15-May-66
Gantt Samuel L MONTGOMERY, AL 14-Nov-45 26-Nov-70
Hardy Jr Warren MONTGOMERY, AL 25-Aug-43 16-Jun-67
Moore  Robert L MONTGOMERY, AL 24-Feb-41 15-Nov-65
Sims Thomas J MONTGOMERY, AL 13-Dec-48 8-May-69
Smiley George R MONTGOMERY, AL 18-Feb-46 27-May-68
Robinson Jr Charlie MOUNTAIN CREEK, AL 5-Dec-47 11-Jun-69
Hollimon Billy M MT HOPE, AL 25-Apr-49 5-Mar-68
Cannon Larry G ONEONTA, AL 24-Sep-48 3-Feb-68
Poole Conrad E ONEONTA, AL 1-Feb-42 6-Apr-67
Sapp William D OXFORD, AL 25-Jan-36 15-Feb-71
Enfinger Kenneth E OZARK, AL 22-May-40 8-Jun-69
Herman III Lawrence J OZARK, AL 14-Apr-50 7-May-70
Lisenby Donald E OZARK, AL 18-Aug-40 20-Aug-68
Jones  Joe L PHENIX CITY, AL 27-Jan-38 18-Feb-68
Miles Jr  Elijah PHENIX CITY, AL 16-Jul-47 11-Dec-68
Mills Robbie R PHENIX CITY, AL 16-Feb-38 15-Feb-67
Ledbetter David W PIEDMONT, AL 22-Jul-48 21-Aug-68
Gulley Jr Percy L PLATEAU, AL 31-Jul-48 2-Apr-69
Jackson Williams O PRATT CITY, AL 10-Mar-36 8-Oct-69
Howard Theodore PRICHARD, AL  12-Nov-46 3-Oct-67
Rand Earlie PRICHARD, AL  31-Jan-42 3-May-67
Scott Jr Patterson PRICHARD, AL  7-Sep-45 18-Jan-67
Little  Wallace S RIVERVIEW, AL 18-May-39 18-May-68
Jones  Albert J ROGERSVILLE, AL 25-Jun-48 24-Jun-69
Ogletree Young D SALEM, AL 9-Aug-44 16-Mar-68
Miller Claude P SARALAND, AL 7-Feb-48 10-Jul-67
Stamey Jimmy E SARALAND, AL 3-Jan-47 21-Nov-66
Wilson  Levi J SARALAND, AL 2-Sep-50 8-Apr-71
Kennedy James SEALE, AL 23-Nov-47 30-Nov-68
Lockhart Clarence  SEALE, AL 18-Nov-46 9-Jan-67
Robinson Willie J SEALE, AL 3-Apr-45 11-Jan-66
Cleveland Brent P SELMA, AL 16-Feb-49 28-Oct-71
Johnson Freddie L SELMA, AL 19-Oct-40 7-Dec-66
Marshall James H SELMA, AL 8-Nov-49 12-Aug-69
Dillard Thomas M SHEFFIELD, AL 1-Nov-37 20-Feb-66
Boyd Ananias SHORTER, AL 21-Jul-41 29-May-68
Wooley Donald SILURIA, Al 4-Mar-48 8-Jan-68
Gurley Thomas SOMERVILLE, AL 21-Jul-44 20-Jul-67
Knighten Jackey V SOMERVILLE, AL 9-Jul-49 27-Jan-70
Voyles Floyd SOMERVILLE, AL 31-Jul-47 11-Feb-68
Winston James C ST ELMO, Al 11-Spe-43 4-Feb-67
Stokes Kenneth L STAPLETON, AL 10-Jan-50 18-Jan-70
Truelove James M SULLIGENT, AL 16-Feb-49 8-Apr-69
Compton  Johnnie R SYLACAUGA, AL 21-Nov-49 5-Oct-68
Moton Jr Eddie L TALLADEGA, AL 4-Oct-46 19-Jun-67
Clark Richard TALLASSEE, AL 13-Sep-48 27-Jan-69
Wilson  Dale K TALLASSEE, AL 19-Aug-39 8-Mar-68
Leland Jr Leroy THEODORE, AL 26-Jun-49 18-Jun-68
Cooper Herman L TOWN CREEK, AL 1-Feb-46 10-Jan-68
Campbell Thomas J TROY, AL 24-May-45 5-Jul-69
Robertson Jr Benjamin F TUSCALOOSA, AL 15-Mar-23 17-Jun-67
Gunter Melvin W VINCENT, AL 1-Nov-27 17-Nov-65
Davenport  James H WEDOWEE, AL 28-Apr-45 9-Sep-68
Brewster Ollis WELLINGTON, AL 14-Jul-41 13-May-68
Johnson Ralph E WELLINGTON, AL 6-Nov-30 30-Aug-69
Cottrell  Willie J WETUMPKA, AL 1-Feb-46 10-Jan-68
Powell Abraham WETUMPKA, AL 14-Jan-42 14-Apr-71
Westbrook Roy T WHISTLER, AL 8-Aug-44 19-Aug-68
Turner Claude T WILMER, Al 14-Feb-38 29-Jan-66
Scroggins Douglas S WING,  AL 24-Apr-47 18-Aug-68
Campbell Thomas A YORK, AL 27-Dec-35 10-Jul-70
Grimsley Lee E ABBEVILLE, AL 24-Aug-44 16-Apr-71
Walker Jr Willie T ABBEVILLE, AL 12-Jan-49 20-Mar-70
Lynn Stephen D ALBERTVILLE, AL 16-Feb-49 3-Dec-69
McMillian  Soloman L ALEXANDRIA, AL 20-Apr-45 21-Jul-68
Cousette Joseph ALICEVILLE, AL 11-Dec-44 19-Nov-66
Stanley Joe H ALTOONA, AL 12-Jan-47 21-Nov-47
Owens Dewey R ANDALUSIA, AL 10-Jan-48 16-Mar-68
Sutton Travis R ANDALUSIA, AL 13-Aug-46 24-Dec-67
Richard Jerry G ANNISTON, AL 13-Feb-48 6-Sep-68
Upner Edward C ANNISTON, AL 9-Nov-23 5-Dec-65
Johnson Thomas A ATHENS, AL 13-Oct-46 21-Jun-67
Hadley Verlon BAY MINETTE, AL 4-Feb-65 18-Aug-65
Hitt Jr Roy M BESSEMER, AL 4-Apr-32 4-Nov-65
Carter Jr Hamp BESSEMER, AL 1-Jun-47 3-Jun-68
Crear Willis C BIRMINGHAM, AL 8-Jan-50 15-Feb-71
Brown Colburn BIRMINGHAM, AL 24-Dec-44 12-Apr-67
Brown John H  BIRMINGHAM, AL 10-May-52 18-Oct-71
Caldwell Jr Henry BIRMINGHAM, AL 27-Aug-46 2-Mar-69
Colley Michael I BIRMINGHAM, AL 7-Oct-46 30-Apr-67
Hayes Johnny V BIRMINGHAM, AL 22-Apr-43 26-Sep-67
Lyle Larry V BIRMINGHAM, AL 10-Jan-49 9-Nov-67
Murphree  Ira J BIRMINGHAM, AL 8-Feb-47 10-Dec-67
Perry George E BIRMINGHAM, AL 29-Jun-42 14-Jun-66
Shaw James D BIRMINGHAM, AL 4-Feb-48 13-Feb-68
Smith Roy BIRMINGHAM, AL 11-May-46 20-May-67
Taylor De W BIRMINGHAM, AL 22-Dec-47 23-Feb-69
Vinson Walter W BIRMINGHAM, AL 4-Oct-46 30-Jun-67
Norsworthy Jimmy L BRANTLEY, AL 22-Mar-47 21-Jul-68
Phillips Orman D BREMEN, AL 15-Sep-30 5-Mar-67
Gipson Charles D BREWTON, AL 8-May-43 26-May-72
Hammac Joseph E BREWTON, AL 28-Sep-43 16-Jun-67
Lowery Dalton B BREWTON, AL 7-May-42 20-Dec-66
Smith Donald W BREWTON, AL 17-Aug-49 14-Jan-71
Thomas Jimmy R BREWTON, AL 9-Sep-47 31-May-68
Carver Jerry L BRIDGEPORT, AL  19-Jun-47 1-Dec-67
Rogers Jr Clayton G BRIDGEPORT, AL  14-Apr-33 17-Nov-65
Pendley William G CARBON HILL, AL 24-Nov-47 7-Jul-68
Moncreif James R CORDOVA, AL 22-Dec-47 18-Aug-68
Bennett Melvin L CORDOVA, AL 6-Sep-47 31-Jan-66
Duckworth James E CULLMAN, AL 24-Oct-49 31-Aug-70
Smith Thomas T DEMOPOLIS, AL 2-Jun-42 3-May-70
Lee  Charlie F ELBA, AL 25-Dec-40 2-Mar-68
Mason Jr Earnest L EMELLE, AL 12-Nov-46 1-May-68
Watts John R ENSLEY, AL 6-Apr-50 19-Aug-69
Gaston  Ross A FAIRFIELD, AL 7-Nov-44 7-Apr-67
McClendon Jr John N FYFFE, AL 10-Sep-49 21-Jun-70
Bowlen Harold D  GADSDEN, AL 26-Dec-50 20-Nov-71
Hanson Clyde W GADSDEN, AL 12-Jan-35 11-Feb-71
Lafferty David N GRAND BAY, AL 4-Oct-47 27-Dec-67
Harris Gary B HARTSELLE, AL 24-Nov-47 1-Apr-68
Hendrix Paul G HARTSELLE, AL 12-Oct-33 15-Jul-66
Brown James P HARVEST, AL 26-Oct-46 12-Nov-66
Cameron Bobby W HAYDEN, AL 28-May-46 6-May-67
Cannion  William HAYNEVILLE, AL 22-Mar-45 6-Sep-68
Smith William H HEFLIN, AL 15-Oct-48 17-Apr-69
Billings Will D HELENA, AL 10-Jun-46 6-Nov-70
Hall Lavle J HUNTSVILLE, AL 11-Apr-46 27-Jan-67
Matthews Robert L HUNTSVILLE, AL 13-Mar-44 22-Mar-67
Clark  Larry G HUNTSVILLE, AL 9-Dec-46 4-Dec-68
Rice Robert I HUNTSVILLE, AL 10-Jan-44 2-Feb-68
Sisk Harry D HUNTSVILLE, AL 16-Feb-44 12-May-68
Bradley Rubin F JACKSON, AL 25-Jul-29 29-Jun-65
Chapman Willie J JACKSON, AL 21-Jun-48 14-May-69
Sellers Charles R JACKSON, AL 28-Feb-28 16-Nov-70
Naramore David Z JASPER, AL 23-May-48 10-Jul-68
Hargrove James M LIMESTONE, AL 8-Feb-31 29-Sep-66
James Jr Raymon H MADISON, AL 6-Jul-46 10-Nov-71
Nelson Robert T MADISON, AL 28-May-51 12-Aug-71
Dobynes Joseph J MARION, AL 15-May-45 27-Mar-69
Townsend Roosevelt MATHEWS, AL 14-Jun-44 17-Jun-68
Adams Walter L MCINTOSH, AL 27-Dec-46 10-Jun-67
Blankenship Larry J MIDFIELD, AL 20-Sep-47 5-Feb-68
Daniels Walter E MOBILE, AL 7-Sep-37 15-Nov-66
Duffy Patrick E MOBILE, AL 17-Mar-35 9-Dec-67
Ellard Jr Claude E MOBILE, AL 21-Jun-50 8-Oct-69
Gunn Terry S MOBILE, AL 21-Mar-48 29-Dec-66
Herring David B MOBILE, AL 30-Jun-48 25-May-69
Jackson Jr Crawford MOBILE, AL 23-Feb-49 16-Aug-68
Johnson Harvey D MOBILE, AL 7-May-41 4-Nov-71
Kirksey Robert L MOBILE, AL 17-Dec-45 2-Jan-67
Lucy  Archie T MOBILE, AL 15-Aug-50 28-Nov-71
Manning  William T MOBILE, AL 10-Oct-47 3/8 1968
McCamble Robert L MOBILE, AL 21-Aug-44 1-May-67
McGeever Thomas J MOBILE, AL 19-Sep-48 27-Apr-67
Mullins Arthur MOBILE, AL 6-Jul-68 29-Jun-68
Otis Sherman E MOBILE, AL 8-Oct-44 17-Nov-65
Patrick Danny L MOBILE, AL 11-Aug-50 9-Apr-69
Pierce George W MOBILE, AL 13-Apr-31 8-Aug-69
Robinson Jimmie L MOBILE, AL 29-Mar-49 4-Jul-70
Woolsey Hilton E MOBILE, AL 10-Nov-43 27-Oct-68
Parker Jr Carter MONROEVILLE, AL 20-Jul-47 24-Oct-70
Connell Oscar A MONTEVALLO, AL 23-Dec-47 18-Mar-70
Canidate James E MONTGOMERY, AL 26-Jan-48 12-Oct-67
Faulks Willie J MONTGOMERY, AL 22-Dec-48 29-Aug-68
Harris Carl C MONTGOMERY, AL 5-Sep-49 20-Aug-69
Hood Eugene MONTGOMERY, AL 1-Feb-50 12-Jan-70
McLin III Louis W MONTGOMERY, AL 24-Dec-48 14-Feb-70
Miller III Frank L MONTGOMERY, AL 7-Dec-36 30-Sep-65
Mims Kenneth E MONTGOMERY, AL 17-Dec-51 11-Apr-71
Floyd John D MONTGOMERY, AL 22-Sep-22 5-Dec-68
Gardner Jr William H MONTGOMERY, AL 24-May-40 2-Aug-66
Godwin Jr Johnie R MONTGOMERY, AL 28-Jun-46 29-Nov_68
Johnson Curtis MONTGOMERY, AL 13-Jul-47 19-Aug-68
Mitchell Jr  Homer MONTGOMERY, AL 27-Nov-49 9-May-68
Oliver Henry M MONTGOMERY, AL 18-Oct-31 13-Sep-68
Smith Malcolm C MONTGOMERY, AL 6-Aug-46 26-Jan-67
Williams Jr Johnny MONTGOMERY, AL 11-Jul-45 13-Sep-67
Peoples Paul J MT VERNON, AL 3-Apr-49 12-Mar-69
Walker Charlie L MUNFORD, AL 30-Jan-47 22-Jun-67
Sawyer Jr Paul L NEW BROCKTON, AL 26-Jan-42 8-Apr-68
Hogans Walter J NEWVILLE, AL 23-Mar-45 5-Oct-69
Stoves III Merritt NORTH BIRMINGHAM, AL 10-Jan-48 10-Jan-67
Carthage Jr Otis NORTHPORT, AL 21-Dec-48 28-Dec-69
Jones  Larry N OAKMAN, AL 20-Jul-47 30-Apr-70
Shafer Glenn W ODENVILLE, AL 16-Feb-45 28-Mar-67
Huie Robert A ONEONTA, AL 9-Sep-48 31-Jan-68
Long  Michael D ONEONTA, AL 25-Jun-47 7-Feb-68
Mickens Eddie J PARISH, AL 14-Aug-46 8-Apr-67
Williams Bobbie L PARRISH, AL 20-May-46 4-Jan-71
Elrod Jimmy C PINSON, AL 9-Aug-47 7-Dec-67
Marvin  Joseph PRATTVILLE, AL 21-Feb-46 4-Jul-67
Smith Joe W PRATTVILLE, AL 29-Nov-48 26-Mar-68
Carmichael Jr Alfred PRICHARD, AL  3-Jun-43 10-Nov-66
Edwards Jr Freddie L PRICHARD, AL 3-Sep-35 21-Feb-70
Heyer Edward E PRICHARD, AL  6-Jan-45 17-Jun-67
Reed Willie PRICHARD, AL  15-Jul-43 18-Nov-67
White James D PRICHARD, AL  1-Feb-44 27-Mar-68
Looney Jr Milford RAGLAND, AL 19-Sep-48 16-Mar-69
Cauley Aubrey RIVER FALLS, AL 31-Oct-41 11-Aug-66
Binion Thomas REFORM, AL 9-Dec-42 29-Mar-66
Davis Curry B ROANOKE, AL 2-Jun-47 9-Sep-68
Crofford Clinton E RUSSELLVILLE, AL 2-Apr-45 21-Jan-67
Ward Carl G SALEM, AL 13-Mar-43 27-May-68
Woodard Harry D SARALAND, AL 12-Aug-45 9-Apr-66
Chambers Paul R SCOTTSBORO, AL 5-Mar-43 15-Jul-66
Crockett James L SCOTTSBORO, AL 20-Jun-42 1-Jul-68
Mooney James  SELMA, AL 18-Dec-45 6-Nov-65
Brown Carl L SELMA, AL 11-Apr-48 25-Aug-68
Steele Jr Townser SELMA, AL 16-Oct-47 8-Apr-69
Dillworth Jr  Earl SHEFFIELD, AL 7-Jun-45 1-May-67
Walker Clifford C SHEFFIELD, AL 28-Apr-49 20-Aug-68
Williams Donald W SIPSEY, AL 2-Jan-44 7-May-68
Heard Jr James R ST CLAIR, AL 7-Nov-47 26-Sep-68
Holkem Jimmy R STEVENSON, AL 1-Jun-48 1-Sep-70
Gardner Robert E SYLACAUGA, AL 22-Sep-42 19-Apr-68
Evans Andrew C SYLACAUGA, AL 25-Sep-46 11-May-66
Oliver Roger L SYLACAUGA, AL 15-Jul-47 24-May-69
Bush James TALLADEGA, AL 15-Sep-41 1-May-70
Moss Jr Jack  TALLADEGA, AL 11-Dec-48 25-Aug-70
Troupe Herman L TANNER, AL 30-Oct-46 18-Aug-66
Nelson Leroy THEODORE, AL 2-Dec-49 9-Apr-70
Garner Willie F TOWN CREEK, AL 3-Dec-46 11-May-68
Pool Harold L TOWN CREEK, AL 13-Apr-47 30-Apr-67
Woodall Jr Charles M TOWN CREEK, AL 17-Nov-43 25-Jan-69
Ware Don H TRUSSVILLE, AL 30-Nov-51 20-Feb-72
Payne Lawrence E TUSCALOOSA, AL 24-Jan-30 6-Dec-66
Johnson Sanford S TUSKEGEE INSTITUTE, AL 20-Mar-47 2-Oct-67
Davie Jr Booker T UNION SPRINGS, AL 5-Jan-42 8-Feb-70
Hodges Bennie E VERNON, AL 14-Feb-34 27-Jun-68
Davis Emmett L VINCENT, AL 28-Apr-48 2-Jun-69
Stephens Larry E WALKER, AL 1-Nov-47 8-Jan-69
Cook  Larry D WETUMPKA, AL 25-May-49 22-Aug-68
Blackston Donald L WHISTLER, AL 20-Oct-48 20-Jun-69

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