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Full STEAM Ahead is a series that celebrates the world of science with :60 second STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) experiments that kids can do at home! These videos are hosted by Mister C, a creative, innovative, and inspiring educator who combines video and music with technology to enhance the educational experience for all learners and to help students grasp concepts that can often be challenging to understand.


60 Second Experiments

Spectacular Slime!

Explore polymers and watch them link together right before your eyes!

Catapult Design Challenge

Explore simple machines and create a catapult using these simple materials: popsicle sticks, marshmallows, spoon, and rubber bands.

Mentos Eruption

It only takes one Mentos and a bottle of soda to explore this physical reaction. Learn about nucleation sites and how they help the carbon dioxide escape the soda!

Density Column

Drop everything youíre doing and build yourself a fun density column to see how objects stack up to one another.

Heatless Lava Lamp

Explore chemical changes and density in this fun and simple experiment! All you need is vegetable oil, water, and an effervescent tablet.

Toothpick Tower Engineering Design Challenge

Design and build your own marshmallow and toothpick tower! How tall can you make your tower stand? Use the Engineering Design Process to make the tallest tower possible.

Milky Madness

Make beautiful firework displays of color using milk, dish soap and a cotton swab applicator. Explore the wonderful world of chemistry with this fun and easy experiment.

Zip Lock Bag Polymer

You might think poking a hole into a plastic bag would allow the water to come pouring out! But thanks to science and polymers, you might be surprised by what happens!

A Potential Chain Reaction

Explore potential and kinetic energy with this simple activity. Grad some building blocks, rubber bands and popsicle sticks to create a unique chain reaction that will have you saying, ďAre you kinetic-ing me! That was amazing!Ē

Design a Color Wheel

What happens when you mix together the seven colors of the visible spectrum? Grab a CD, some colored pencils and make your own color wheel to explore light!

Egg-cellent Egg Drop

This egg-straordinary activity will have you discussing Newton's first law!

Soda Bottle Sound

Grab some empty water bottles or soda bottles and start exploring how you can change the pitch by adding or removing water! Can you create your own tune?

Music Videos

Hot2Cold: Heat Transfer

Understanding heat transfer is a challenging concept. Hearing and seeing all of the fun examples Mister C uses in this song will help students learn key information about heat energy, and how it transfers from warmer objects to cooler objects.

It's Science Time

It's Science Time? It's Science Time!

Line 'Em Up (decimal song)

Mister C knows the importance of lining up his decimals before adding or subtracting! This fun song was made to remind students of all ages to "Line 'em Up" before solving an equation!

Mean, Median, and Mode

Learn about Mean, Median, and Mode with this fun and upbeat song that will get you singing and dancing about data!


The "order of operations" is a key strategy to help students understand which operation should be tackled first. Mister Cís song will not only get kids dancing, it will help them remember these critical steps when solving equations.

Photosynthesis: Plants are Special

Mister Cís photosynthesis song will have you singing and dancing and, most important learning why plants are so special! Ever wonder how plants do the amazing things they do? If so, listen to this song and be sure to sing along!

Stop, Drop, and Roll

Mister C created this song to provide simple Long division safety tips for all students to know and understand! 1. Stop and find the information 2. Drop divisor and dividend into the correct spots. 3. Roll through the problem and solve for the quotient!


Triangles only have three sides....Triangles have 180 degrees inside. Learn all the different types of triangles in this fun and silly song.

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