Alabama Public Television Young Heroes of 2002

Mathew Weems

Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Holt High School

Being diagnosed with autism at the age of 5, Mathew's future may have seemed bleak. Seemed, is the key word here. No one could know the potential that would one day be realized. Strong parents worked with him through special classes in elementary school, to mainstream classes in high school. A history buff, Mathew excells in Advanced World History going above and beyond class assignments. His interest in history, particularly World War I and World War II, keeps Mathew an active member of Holt High School's Jr. ROTC program. Not only is Mathew an outstanding student, he is also a model citizen. He attained the rank of Eagle Scout in September 2001 by coordinating a toy drive for the Pervasive Developmental Disorders Clinic at The University of Alabama. As though this weren't enough, Mathew also attends Holy Spirit Catholic Church, where he serves as an altar attendant and studies for his May confirmation.

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