Alabama Public Television Young Heroes of 2001

David Middleton

Chunchula, Alabama
Clark School of Mathematics & Science

Broox Middleton is a five-year survivor of a cancerous brain tumor and is redefining what it means to persevere against the odds. Broox was first diagnosed with an Astrocytoma Brain Tumor in 1995. The tumor was located in one of the most sensitive areas of the brain. With this frightful information, Broox and his family turned to the St. Jude Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. The doctors said Broox would spend at least five days in the hospital, and then he would start chemotherapy as an outpatient, if he made it through surgery.

It took a team of doctors nine hours to remove the tumor. Broox woke up in Surgical Intensive Care with a smile on his face. Instead of going back to St. Jude as an outpatient, Broox was released after only four days in the hospital. Broox was left with some disabilities, he has only partial vision, he is totally color blind, and has a hearing problem. Most of his friends do not even notice the disabilities unless he tells them. He never uses this as an excuse or finds reason to complain.

Five years later, Broox's doctors continue to marvel over his success. In spite of his travel and check up visits, Broox has had three years of perfect attendance at school, and is working toward his fourth. He is giving back to other young cancer patients by volunteering with St. Jude's on the Bay. He actively volunteers during the annual charity auction and other events that help battle childhood cancer.

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