Alabama Public Television Young Heroes of 2006

Anne Chesson

Saraland, Alabama
Satsuma High School

At age seven, Anne Chesson was struck and dragged by a school bus. The accident caused life-threatening, disfiguring injuries including a crushed pelvis and hip, broken leg, and fractured skull. Anne endured years of painful recovery, but survived due to sheer determination and grit. Today this 17-year-old Satsuma High School senior is ninth in her class with a 4.4 GPA, serves on her student council, is active in clubs and church activities and placed among the top ten finalists in Mobile County’s 2005 Junior Miss Pageant. She balances her schoolwork and extra curricular activities with a 20-hour work week at a local drug store and plans to major in Pediatric Plastic Surgery at Spring Hill College.

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