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Videos, study guides, and activities to extend learning for use with your students before and after the webcast.

Click-Learn-Teach modules

Click-Learn-Teach modules are quick, online, interactive resources for teachers that are designed to be used exactly as the name describes…. Click through the website, Learn information about the topic, find resources and teaching ideas, then immediately Teach the topic in the classroom. The Click-Learn-Teach modules will help teachers introduce, explain, engage, and evaluate the topic of the learning experience with their students.

Pre–Viewing Activities

The following is a list of suggested activities that teachers can use with students prior to Experiencing Shakespeare: Up on Your Feet:

Dr. Michael Witmore, the Folger Shakespeare Library's director, talks with Daniel, a high school student, as they look through three of Dr. Witmore's favorite books in the Folger vault.

Dr. Gail Kern Paster, Shakespeare scholar and former director of the Library, with Vidya, a high school student, in the Library's Reading Room answers her questions about what scholars do.

This lesson encourages students to get up from their seats and speak Shakespeare's language.

Using one of Shakespeare's most famous moments, the Balcony Scene in Romeo and Juliet, students act out charades and dynamically interpret Shakespeare's figurative language.

This action-drive lesson examines the motivations behind characters’ behavior in Macbeth.

A very quick-and-dirty version of the play, using the original language, designed to be used as an introductory activity

Post–Viewing Activities

The following is a list of suggested activities that teachers can use with students after viewing Experiencing Shakespeare: Up on Your Feet:

Don’t have time to teach an entire play? Introduce students to some of the Bard’s most famous speeches.

Students love delivering Shakespeare’s dramatic death lines.

This teaching technique puts students in the director's chair and offers an opportunity for all students to participate in interpreting Shakespeare's works.

More Materials to Bring Shakespeare to Life in the Classroom:

The Shakespeare Set Free series offers innovative, performance-based approaches to teaching Shakespeare—created, taught, and written by real teachers in real classrooms.

Think of it as Shakespeare in a box! Everything you need to teach Shakespeare—lesson plans, podcasts, scripts, handouts, and more—all in one place.

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